Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance

Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance (2009)

Track Listing:

    Side 1 - Three Little Pigs

  1. Overture
  2. Three Little Pigs
  3. The First Pig's Laid In Clay
  4. The Next, A Pig On Fire
  5. The Third Pig's Watery Grave
  6. The Wolf's Gone With The Wind
    Side 2 - A bunch of other songs

  8. The Death of a Thousand Splices
  9. Fanfare for the Common Beast
  10. The Dark Price of Eternal Youth
  11. A Dream of Fire and Ice
Cover by Keaton Jyraneth. Logo by Luke Turner, additional art by Ren Gaulen.

Download - MP3 format

2TLP02-Three_Little_Pigs.mp3Three Little Pigs4:045.17MB
3TLP03-The_first_pigs_laid_in_clay.mp3The First Pig's Laid In Clay4:044.51MB
4TLP04-The_next_a_pig_on_fire.mp3The Next, A Pig On Fire7:138.51MB
5TLP05-The_third_pigs_watery_grave.mp3The Third Pig's Watery Grave4:235.15MB
6TLP06-The_wolfs_gone_with_the_wind.mp3The Wolf's Gone With The Wind4:164.75MB
7TLP07-The_death_of_a_Thousand_Splices.mp3The Death of a Thousand Splices4:185.29MB
8TLP08-Fanfare_for_the_Common_Beast.mp3Fanfare for the Common Beast5:416.68MB
9TLP09-The_Dark_Price_of_Eternal_Youth.mp3The Dark Price of Eternal Youth4:244.76MB
10TLP10-A_Dream_of_Fire_And_Ice.mp3A Dream of Fire and Ice9:3711.12MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricsthree_little_pigs.pdfPDF Booklet3827k

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