The Heresiarch's Breakfast

The Heresiarch's Breakfast (2017)

Track Listing:

    Side 1

  1. Little Big Cat
  2. Born Without Wings
  3. The Heresiarch's Breakfast
    Side 2

  5. Transfinite State Machine
  6. The Prodigal Son
  7. An Angry God (Tears of Joy)
Cover art by Merlin of DHS Comics. Logo by Luke Turner.

Download - MP3 format

1THB01-Little_Big_Cat.mp3Little Big Cat6:227.49MB
2THB02-Born_Without_Wings.mp3Born Without Wings8:149.96MB
3THB03-Heresiarch's_Breakfast.mp3The Heresiarch's Breakfast9:1910.72MB
4THB04-Transfinite_State_Machine.mp3Transfinite State Machine6:026.85MB
5THB05-Prodigal_Son.mp3The Prodigal Son6:037.02MB
6THB06-An_Angry_God.mp3An Angry God (Tears of Joy)9:4810.84MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricsheresiarch.pdfPDF Booklet8.36MB
Coverheresiarch2K.jpghigher-res cover1.19MB

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(C)2017 Joseph Paul Morris.
Music provided for personal use only.

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