More Songs About Demons

More Songs About Demons (2011)

Track Listing:

    Side 1

  1. Niall's Song
  2. This Is A Triangle
  3. Get Your Facts Right
    Side 2

  5. Anathema
  6. Super Funk Time (Theme for Biggs)
  7. Return Ticket To Heaven
  8. Demonhunter
Cover art by Ren Gaulen. Logo by Luke Turner.

Download - MP3 format

1MSAD01-Niall's Song.mp3Niall's Song9:4310.50MB
2MSAD02-This_Is_A_Triangle.mp3This Is A Triangle9:3410.74MB
3MSAD03-Get_Your_Facts_Right.mp3Get Your Facts Right5:195.57MB
5MSAD05-Super_Funk_Time.mp3Super Funk Time (Biggs Theme)4:334.51MB
6MSAD06-Return_Ticket_To_Heaven.mp3Return Ticket To Heaven4:063.99MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
LyricsMoreSongsAboutDemons.pdfPDF Booklet1.15MB

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