DOUG the Eagle - FAQ

Q: Are you the same DOUG the Eagle that wrote the anti-walkthroughs?
A: Yes.

Q: What does 'A Day at the People Factory' mean?
A: It is not, as some people assumed, a cynical look at the industrialisation of modern society.
It's actually a veiled reference to the cyborg conversion plant found in the 1996 game 'Strife'. I really must play that again.

Q: What kind of music is it?
A: I don't really know. I like 1970s prog-rock, I'm just not very good at it. That and my reliance on sequencing gives it an early 1980s feel which is not quite what I had in mind..

Q: Why do you record this stuff on tape instead of using a computer like everyone else?
A: Because it's more fun.

Q: On 'Young Human', shouldn't it say 'No fun for anyone'?
A: It didn't sound the same; I find the broken grammar adds a faintly spaced-out touch to it.

Q: What is the Tornado Mellotron Engine?
A: It's a dedicated DOS PC for playing mellotron samples. The control software is custom-written using various ancient and evil programming techniques which were considered cutting-edge about 12 years ago. Flat-real mode with ultra-high frequency interrupts and programming the soundcard directly, that sort of thing. I wrote it for fun really, but it does have the advantage of absolutely no latency whatsoever. Unlike softsynths in Windows. Oh, and the entire program is 22800 bytes long.

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