DOUG the Eagle - Discography

A Day at the People Factory (2005)

The first album, featuring Quest for the Sacred Jaguar, Fear of Flying and the Gaming Guardians song Adventures of Pidge and Greg.

Songs for the Wild-At-Heart (2006)

An animal-themed album featuring Borderline, One Less Hero and The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona - a 26-minute rock interpretation of the Dark Pegasus sequence from Amber Panyko's DMFA.

The Mythical Creatures Exhibition (2007)

Another foray into the weird featuring ZooCity, Beings and Creatures and The Dark Revenge of Jakob Pettersohn.

Pancake Ferret (2008)

Featuring Operation Wendigo, What did Daniel think he was? and Princes of the Dreams.

Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance (2009)

Featuring The Next, a Pig on Fire, The Dark Price of Eternal Youth and Three Little Pigs.

...And Daryil Answered (2010)

Featuring Fishsticks, All Machine and, er, ...And Daryil Answered.

More Songs About Demons (2011)

Featuring Niall's Song, Return Ticket To Heaven, Super Funk Time and Demonhunter.

Baklawa Doom (2012)

Featuring The End of the World, Song of Keaton, and Heaven's Army.

Incubi and Succubi (2013)

Featuring The New War, Born With Wings, and The Murder Game.

Project Retake (2014)

A reworking of songs from the first four albums with better equipment and more experience.

Featuring newly-recorded versions of The Quest for the Sacred Jaguar, Return to Babel, and The Shadow over Merthyr.

Who is this Daryil guy, anyway...? (2015)

Featuring The Man Who Should Be King, Panther Factory, and A Hundred Years.

Evil Songs for Evil People (2016)

Featuring Dreamkeepers (are real), Tigers with Beautiful Voices, and Red Queen Rising.

The Heresiarch's Breakfast (2017)

Featuring Little Big Cat, Prodigal Son, and An Angry God.

Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine Show (2018)

Featuring Numerology, Saludora, and King Ordros.

Illiath the Barbarian (2019)

Featuring Follow The Leader, Bob the Bunny, and Illiath Parts 1-3.

Project Retake II (2020)

Featuring Three Little Pigs, ...And Daryil Answered, and DemonHunter.

At Last, The 2019 Album (2021)

Featuring Time Tunnel, Mainframe, and The Pole Song.

Xerian (2022)

Featuring Journey, Reflections, and Kidnap.

Robots and Other People (2023)

Featuring March of the Panthers, 1973, and Cyberdragon.

Encyclopedia Draconica (2024) - New

Featuring Do You Want To Be A Dragon, The Dark Bible, and Dragon King.

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