...And Daryil Answered (or: Hippy Music Volume 6 - Songs of Lies and Larceny)

...And Daryil Answered (2010)

or: Hippy Music Volume 6 - Songs of Lies and Larceny

Track Listing:

    Side 1 - Hippy Music Volume 6

  1. Mr. Apocalypse
  2. Fishsticks
  3. S.A.I.A. Blues
  4. Last Days of the Brotherhood
  5. The Ballad of Daniel LaGrange
    Side 2 - ...And Daryil Answered

  7. All Machine
  8. Incubus Song
  9. Professional Suicide
  10. Tome of Demonography
  11. ...And Daryil Answered
Cover and additional art by Ren Gaulen. Logo by Luke Turner.

Download - MP3 format

1ADA01-Mr_Apocalypse.mp3Mr. Apocalypse4:264.80MB
3ADA03-SAIA_Blues.mp3S.A.I.A Blues3:573.94MB
4ADA04-Last_Days_of_the_Brotherhood.mp3The Last Days of the Brotherhood5:536.34MB
5ADA05-Ballad_of_Daniel_LaGrange.mp3The Ballad of Daniel LaGrange6:206.48MB
6ADA06-All_Machine.mp3All Machine3:564.21MB
7ADA07-Incubus_Song.mp3The Incubus Song3:594.29MB
8ADA08-Professional_Suicide.mp3Professional Suicide3:273.29MB
9ADA09-Tome_of_Demonography.mp3The Tome of Demonography3:564.44MB
10ADA10-And_Daryil_Answered.mp3...And Daryil Answered12:4013.34MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricsdaryil_answered.pdfPDF Booklet6489k

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